GetMyInvoices – Updates from March 2021

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Lining up with the beginning of spring, we have spruced up GetMyInvoices. Our invoice management solution now also has interfaces to d.velop, Invoice Ninja, and MOCO. There is a revised dashboard, a new security feature of the scan app, news from the USA, and of course a surprise. After all, Easter is just around the corner.

Our additional interfaces

Via the interface to d.velop, it is possible to automatically export documents from GetMyInvoices to the document management system. There, users can then edit all relevant information – regardless of whether they are invoices, quotations, delivery bills, or e-mails. This significantly simplifies accounting processes in particular.

Invoice Ninja is an open-source solution for invoicing and accounting. With it, invoices can be created and sent from any internet-enabled device. Thanks to the interface to GetMyInvoices, these now automatically enter our invoice management solution.

Besides, we fetch invoices from MOCO – a cloud software for agencies as well as other project-based service providers, so that these receipts are also available in GetMyInvoices along with all other documents that have been compiled.



Dynamic dashboard

Bild vom dynamischen GetMyInvoices-Dashboard

Our new dashboard adapts to the current user, their activated features, and their permissions. For example, immediately after logging in, you can see at a glance what is important today and notifications appear more prominently.

For an even better user experience, fino’s Logo API is now also integrated into GetMyInvoices. It automatically integrates the current logos of the companies and portals created, so that they are immediately recognizable and provide even faster orientation.

Additional safety for the scan-app

To make the use of our app even more secure, we have equipped it with a new feature. It can be secured by Face ID, Touch ID, or PIN. This means that when it is activated, it can only be opened using the selected option. Safety first!

Logo App Store Logo Google play

News from the USA

Furthermore, we continued to be busy in the USA. Because there, too, are numerous documents and people who want to simplify their work with GetMyInvoices. Two months after our market launch, we have already acquired new customers in the triple-digit range, built up an English-speaking support team, and received lots of positive feedback. Highly motivated, we are currently talking to various partners regarding collaborations to conquer the market.

Speaking of news: Our workflow feature is almost complete. We are currently fine-tuning it so that we can launch it soon.

In addition to that, we are preparing another surprise. But we don’t want to give anything away yet … Stay tuned!

New portals

Of course, this month our developers have also connected numerous new online portals from which users can automatically download documents. These include:

  • TikTok Ads
  • Trivago
  • ConvertFlow
  • Portokasse Deutsche Post
  • Doodly

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