GetMyInvoices Update November 2019

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The days are getting shorter and we’re getting less sunlight. But there’s no reduction in the work we’ve been doing. This is why we can disclose the helpful innovations in our invoice management solution GetMyInvoices just in time for the beginning of Advent. These include an export interface with, an improved interface with SevDesk, and the option to set up obligatory two factor authentication for every user of an account.

Optimized Workflows

The interface to is a synchronization interface. That means: users can automatically transmit documents gathered with GetMyInvoices to the accounting automatization tool, which is especially useful for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to accountants, and save the time and effort that the manual forwarding of invoices and receipts would take.

Bild Schnittstelle

The optimized interface with accounting software SevDesk gives users the choice of whether or not documents exported to SevDesk should be automatically marked paid. In this, we reacted to a request a lot of customers had made. Since in SevDesk paid invoices cannot be edited afterwards, many users were looking for a possibility to turn off synchronization of the payment status in order to be able to decide for themselves how to process the documents in the accounting solution. This new option means improved workflow.

Our new Scan App, which is being utilized by more and more users, also offers more options. The app is available for Android as well as for iOS. Once it’s installed on the mobile device, paperwork doesn’t stand a chance. Users can capture receipts wherever they accrue and are able to conveniently share them with others.

Even Higher Security

What is more, our customers now have the option to set up compulsory two factor authentication for all users of GetMyInvoices. After placing the appropriate tick in the user settings, every user has to activate the two factor authentication and enter the two factor code every time to get into the programme. This means increased security to prevent unauthorized access to the account!

Naturally, we linked new portals, from which documents can be downloaded automatically, again. Those inlcude:

  • Edox
  • DWS Steuerberater Medien GmbH Verlag
  • Ad Butler von SparkLIT Networks
  • Perspective

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