GetMyInvoices – Updates from February 2021

Wednesday, 24. February 2021 | 0 Comments

February is naturally a quite short month. However, we managed to improve our user experience in several places. Therefore, GetMyInvoices has a new feature to easily switch accounts and offers daily group welcome meetings.

The feature of fast account switching is a tool for power users who need to log in and out of different GetMyInvoices accounts multiple times a day. With a few settings, they can make sure that they can switch between accounts in the backend under “Change Account” with a mouse click and no longer have to manually log in again. To do this, they log into the back end and call up the item “Connected User Accounts” under “Account Data”. There, they can send invitations to the users they act as in other GetMyInvoices accounts. The invitation is then sent by mail and must be confirmed by clicking on the link provided. This results in log in to the account, which is then directly linked.

Welcome- and intro-events

Users that are just getting started with GetMyInvoices can book daily virtual welcome- and intro-events. Here they learn within 45 minutes how to set up their account properly and how to get started with the invoice-management software.

You can register here

Afterwards you will receive a calendar invitation with corresponding Zoom video conferencing details and a telephone dial-in-number.

Robotic Process Automation easily explained

Did you know that GetMyInvoices does Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? This is an approach to process automation where software performs repetitive, manual, time-consuming, or error-prone activities. The advantage is that the processes no longer cost time and also your nerves. They are automated within seconds – and with almost no errors. One example: downloading invoices from online portals. We have added several new portals:

  • Agicap
  • SnapShift
  • REWE Merchant Center
  • Mamatera
  • DoIT
  • Fyrst Bank

Have a look at our overview to see if the portals you are currently using are already added. If so, just relax and let GetMyInvoices do the work. If one of your used platforms is still missing, suggest it to us in the backend for integration! We will take care of everything else.

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