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Today we are able to announce a new cooperation with a Danish partner, is a program that manages your invoices, spendings, solvency, sales figures and so on.

If you are already using, you can now connect your GetMyInvoices account with your billy account and so transfer your invoices to this accounting program.

You can do that by putting your address for mail-import into the synchronisation process at GetMyInvoices (they look similar to (so make sure, it’s ending with “”).

We also spoke to one of’s senior employees, Nicolai Hofsø.

Nicolai Hofsø

Would you please introduce yourself?

My name is Nicolai and I work as a Commercial Manager in Billy. My primary focus is to harness the value of collaboration between businesses in terms of teaming up with strategic partners such as accountants, other fin-tech/SaaS businesses or the like.

Together my team and other businesses I try to create new and innovative business models that lower the administrative burden for SME’s, so they can focus on what they do best, instead of using loads of time just administrating their business.


Why did you decide to work for

I decided to stop studying last year (I have a degree in Business Economics) and work full-time in Billy. This choice was definitely made because I believe in the business that we have and because I know that we have a kick-ass business model that could change the game in our industry (Online financial services for accounting). Furthermore I also have a unique bond with my colleagues, which means that my workdays are filled with laughs and challenging assignments. Additionally I love tech and the possibilities that it brings in the future both for me professionally, but also for a lot of small businesses.

What did you do, before you joined

I used to be in the military for some time, before I chose to study and work as a leadership development consultant. My time as a LD consultant meant that I traveled a lot abroad and did extreme sports with some of the best teams in Europe. That was a fun time where I got to meet very interesting people, while working in the outdoor environment with other great colleagues. Besides that I’ve been working a lot with project management, which I still use in my work. However I’ve always known that working in the tech-sphere would be my call.

For how long has billy existed and what makes different?

Billy have existed for 6 years and throughout that time we’ve developed a lot. What makes us different is our relentless focus of providing our users with technology that 5 years ago, was only accesable for large enterprises (Automatic booking of bills, direct link to the banks, etc). Furthermore we do this at an extremely affordable price 19 EUR pr. Month. Above that we have exceptional support where clients can ask about technical issues, bookkeeping related questions and the like. We are both present on chat, mails and phone from 9-22 all weekdays and 11-15 in the weekends, which means that our customers can always reach us. At last we have a formidable platform for scaling the number of users, implementing new features and providing our customers with a sublime API.

What would you do, if you weren’t working on

I’d probably been working at one of our competitors company. I find this industry extremely exciting with huge potential. Currently less than half of Danish businesses (Even more in the rest of Europe) use cloud based accounting software and get all the advantages that lies within this type of software. Furthermore the potential is global, which is always exiting.

What is the most important step in automatization for a company?

The most important step in automatization is recognising that your time is much more valuable than you think. Image implementing new business processes that saves you just 2 hour a week. Thats 8 hours a month, which 96 hours in a year which frees up 12 work-days to be productive on what matters the most: Making your business succesful. Furthermore I also see a lot of clients relying on “experts” such as accountants. I have a deep respect for the accountants and bookkeepers, however they are very resistant to change and this can potentially impact a lot of small businesses negatively, because they listen too much to people who are used to using old technology and outdated processes.

Last, but not least: Why should companies put their trust in

Our Trustpilot and Capterra ratings speak for themselves: &
We make sure that we are as close as we can get to the customers, meaning that the feedback from them is extremely valuable for us. That’s why we have ratings that are more than satisfactionary in terms of providing both a servicelevel and a platform that is optimized for our core clients. Furthermore we participated in Capterras most user friendly accounting software programmes in the US where we came in 1st: which is a complement of both our whole software architecture and speed for which the SMEs can do their books.
We pride ourselves, not in telling ourselves that we are the best, but letting our customers being the judges of that.

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