Everything you have to know about optimizing your online store

Thursday, 18. February 2021 | 0 Comments

E-commerce business keeps booming and continues to generate a lot of revenue for retailers. More and more customers decide to shop online and order any product without big efforts. The result is fierce competition and an ever-increasing range of products for consumers. You want to establish yourself on the market with your online store and win against your competitors? Then targeted store optimization with comprehensive measures is of central importance. But how can you put this plan into practice and which steps make sense?

High-quality content as the key to success

In the past, a few short SEO texts were enough to achieve a good ranking on Google. In the meantime, however, the requirements for content have increased significantly and comprehensive content has become indispensable. Ideally, you integrate holistic texts in your online store that offers users real added value. Possible topics include individual product categories of the store or individual guides for your customers. You should also leave nothing to chance when it comes to product presentation and pick up on current trends. Videos or 360-degree views are the perfect way to showcase a wide variety of items. In this way, you can inspire customers for your goods, which goes hand in hand with an improved conversion.

Page speed – Perform analysis and improve weaknesses

Next to the content, technical factors play an important role as well for the success of your online shop. The focus of all considerations here is the page speed, which you can control with little effort. There are free tools (e.g. PageSpeed Insights from Google) available for this, to analyze the loading times of your online store. As a result, you receive various measurement data and concrete recommendations for faster loading processes. You can then optimize page speed step by step by taking measures such as compressing image files. Long loading times have a negative impact on traffic, which underlines the importance of this aspect.

Recognize and avoid common mistakes 

Some mistakes are common in e-commerce and keep you from succeeding. These include poor site structure and unclear navigation. If customers can’t find the products they want quickly, they’ll leave your store and choose another provider. Therefore, avoid unnecessary subcategories and keep the structure as simple as possible. Limit yourself to a uniform font and use bright colors only for deliberate accents. This approach reduces the appearance of your store to the essentials and creates the ideal conditions for a high conversion rate.

Conclusion on optimizing online stores

In general, the optimization of your online store consists of a few different steps. From technical aspects such as page speed to content, there are many different aspects to consider. Besides, there are special plugins for different shop-systems such as Magento or Shopware. By installing the corresponding add-ons, you can customize the payment process and the search function, for example. Regardless of the shop-system you use, the optimization should be approached strategically and scheduled on a regular basis. In this way, the improvement of your own web presence should not be understood as a one-time task, but as a permanent process.


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