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Document exchange with DATEV

Exchange all documents
automatically with DATEV

How to set up document export between GetMyInvoices and DATEV

Simple steps

GetMyInvoices automates the exchange of documents
with DATEV

The integration process of GetMyInvoices and DATEV

DATEV Invoice data service 1.0 is a program for the exchange of receipts, data and documents between companies and tax advisors. It creates individual opportunities for collaboration via the DATEV-Cloud. DATEV Companies online consists of various components that the tax advisor can put together with the respective client as required. This makes it possible to exchange receipts and documents for financial accounting and wages (e.g. incoming and outgoing invoices, employment contracts, sick notes, etc.) online. With GetMyInvoices, the tedious task of collecting, sorting and transmitting receipts is a thing of the past. GetMyInvoices automatically compiles receipts from a variety of sources and uploads the required documents as required with a mouse click or independently via the DATEVinterface directly into your DATEVaccount. To import into DATEV To enable this, ask your tax advisor DATEV Invoice Data Service 1.0! If you do not already have it, you will also need DATEV mIDentity compact or DATEV SmartLogin (we recommend the latter). The DATEV with a concierge service in setting up the DATEV Invoice data service 1.0 interface. Here Tax advisors can book a free consultation appointment.

Step-by-step instructions

How to automate
the DATEV integration

1. Start the integration process
Log in to GetMyInvoices > In the right dropdown menu under your name, select “Synchronization” > Click “Add Sync Account” > Click “Export” > Select DATEV > Click on “Next”!

2. Add sync destination
There are two different ways to store data in DATEV If you check the box "Upload receipt image only", only the PDF files will be uploaded. If you deactivate "Upload receipt image only", GetMyInvoices will also import the invoice number, amount, date, etc. To enable this type of synchronization, you will need additional access permissions from your tax advisor. DATEV only accepts invoices with complete data. If an invoice number or date is missing, DATEV this invoice; to correct this, enter the missing data in GetMyInvoices > Click on "Advanced Settings" > Specify the document types to synchronize > Continue with the configuration > Click "Next"!

3. GetMyInvoices and DATEV and bank accounts
Allow GetMyInvoices to access your DATEV-Account – in this case via the SmartLogin app on your smartphone and scanning the QR code shown within the time window

4. Add sync account
Add a name for the synchronization account > Select the DATEV-Client > Specify whether the transfer should take place automatically or not > Fill in the remaining fields that appear and define whether you want to synchronize all documents or only certain ones > Click on "Save"!

5. Start of the DATEV-Transmission
If you have selected the automatic mode, the transfer will take place automatically. Otherwise, the synchronization must be started manually each time. To do this, select the DATEVaccount > Click on "DATEV-Start transfer” and, when prompted, log in again using your chosen authorization procedure with the DATEV at!

6. Completion of integration
After a few minutes you will see in the main menu and in DATEV Invoice Data Service 1.0 the synchronization information.

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