GetMyInvoices Update January 2018

Monday, 29. January 2018 | 0 Comments

A new year has begun, and a good few of us are brooding over our end of year accounts. This is why we have been busying ourselves with improving GetMyInvoices even further. From bookkeeping over document management to new portals, you will now find even more user possibilities.



In the field of accounting integration, we set our focus on two solutions: Debitoor and SevDesk. The result: Users of Debitoor are now able to freely define the invoice description and will find it easier to relocate the imported bills in Debitoor. Anyone using SevDesk now has the possibility to transfer documents to the bookkeeping solution in “draft mode”. The advantage lies in the fact that documents don’t have to be opened again to edit them in SevDesk.

Automatic Import of Invoices from Caya

We have had a connection to Caya (, a digitalisation service for analogue post, for several months already. As of now it is also possible to automatically import scanned letters, that have been recognized as invoices, into GetMyInvoices.

Document Management

As well as the customary Google Drive, we now also support Google Team Drives as synchronisation destinations. Furthermore, we have expanded the Evernote integration; documents will not necessarily be transferred to the standard note book anymore, but the destination note book can be selected now.

Besides such a synchronisation, the allocation of tags can be immensely useful for organisation. This is why we have arranged the option to automatically allocate tags when dealing with supplier to be able to better differentiate between separate types of documents. These include direct Amazon invoices, order reviews and market place invoices that can be downloaded from the platform.

Further Improvements

We’ve got some more news for you, too. One piece of news concerns the direct client management settlement. So far, when tax or business consultancies used our client management, we settled the invoice via the respective partner. To relieve consultants from administration expense we have created the option to settle directly with the client.

Moreover, users can adjust the sorting of documents in icon view and get the GetMyInvoices system status information via a status page. Any technical problems that might occur will be reported there.

New Portals

Since the beginning of January, we automatically download documents from 70 new portals, including:

  • OneSky
  • FastField
  • TextExpander
  • recruitee
  • immergrün energie
  • Taxify

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