GetMyInvoices Update November 2018

Friday, 23. November 2018 | 0 Comments

Just as promised in our previous blog entry, we’ve kicked it up a notch. A performance update to achieve more speed during the processing of invoices aside, GetMyInvoices gained useful new features:


Helpdesk for more comfort

As of now, you will find our helpdesk under This is where you can simply open a ticket in case you’ve got any issue or concern. Open a helpdesk account in just a few steps, and track your case status in comfort. Naturally, you can also communicate with us directly.

Many possibilities for documents

Your former “Invoices” can now be found under “Documents”, while “Suppliers” are now under “Companies & Portals” – because GetMyInvoices can do significantly more than manage incoming invoices. To map this fact, we created a number of different new document types. Apart from Incoming Invoices, these include Outgoing Invoices, Credit Notes, Delivery Notes and Receipts. Accordingly, the filter possibilities have become more extensive.

Furthermore, we have set up a much-asked-for feature – uploading document attachments. This way, you can clearly link time sheets with outgoing invoices, or liability disclaimers and delivery notes with incoming invoices.

All this has been considered in our API, too. Upload and download attachments comfortably in Version 2!

New interfaces

Because GetMyInvoices now has diverse document type classification options, we were able to let new import interfaces go live. One of those is the interface with Teamleader Thus, users of the CRM, project management or invoicing software have the option to transfer the outgoing invoices created in the solution to GetMyInvoices, and from there automatically to other systems – DATEV, for example. The same goes for sellers who generate customer invoices through Amazon Seller Central, and users of the accounting solutions Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice. You can transfer the documents you generated within these different solutions via the new import interfaces without great effort to GetMyInvoices – as well as users of Billbee, sevDesk, FastBill and Billomat.

Anyone utilizing Steuerbüro.Online, a platform for the exchange and processing of data and documents between tax consultants and clients, will be able to synchronize their documents with this solution. A new export interface takes care of the automatized transaction.

To match the larger scope of interfaces, we have extended the options for synchronisation restrictions. As well as a set synchronisation date, you can also indicate a “wandering” date by, for example, choosing “Current Month”. Additionally, you are being given the option to choose your settings in regard to either the invoice date or the import date. This way, you reduce the need to adjust.

Additional Portals

Naturally, we have also linked a series of new portals for the automatic download of documents. Among those you can find:

  • SAP Jam
  • GLS One
  • Die SBB
  • Chimpify
  • Pinterest – Ads

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