divacon: Digitization as key to the future of law firms

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Successful tax consultants and auditing firms are often backed by partners who provide optimal support in terms of both technology and content. One such companion is GetMyInvoices consulting partner divacon. The company has been active for 16 years and its consulting services are based on the strongest offerings on the market. The goal: to make law firms successful and fit for the future. To achieve this, divacon GmbH is systematically driving digitization forward.

Corona crisis acts as a catalyst

“Now in the Corona pandemic, it is becoming obvious where the weaknesses exist,” says Dennis Nowak, Managing Director of divacon. For one thing, the commuting folder, which clients and tax consultants use to exchange documents traditionally, is reaching its limits. This is because employees in law firms and companies are almost exclusively located in their home offices. On the other hand, clients are demanding more practical solutions. Dennis Nowak reveals, “That’s why many tax consultants now want to actively include the topic of digitization on their agenda.”

Bild von Dennis Nowak

Since almost all tax consultants work with DATEV products, divacon, as a system and solution partner of the software house, sees “DATEV Unternehmen online” as the solution of choice. With the marketplace, it offers an extensive ecosystem of tools that open up all kinds of potential for efficient work. Meanwhile, GetMyInvoices is an excellent add-on product that law firms can use to drive forward their digitalization. divacon itself has been using invoice management software for more than two years.

Offer out of conviction

“Since we also had to deal with missing documents – especially Amazon invoices – at the end of the year, we were looking for a solution to better integrate these documents into the accounting,” explains Dennis Nowak and raves: “This works great with GetMyInvoices.” Also, the experts had a wow experience when they suggested new online portals for automatic document import: these integrated GetMyInvoices within a week. “That was the initial spark to seek cooperation,” he says.
The solution is a great addition to divacon’s offering, as the company seeks out only the strongest partners. GetMyInvoices has such a market position. This is based on high-performance functions such as the automatic retrieval of invoices from more than 10,000 online portals and e-mail import. In addition to that, the cooperation is very pleasant and, last but not least, the team brings both innovative strength and willingness to advance its customers.
As an example, the divacon managing director cites the recently launched banking Module and the work on the workflow feature, emphasizing, “I consider workflow and calculation management functions – possibly also in combination with the mobile app – useful for reaching those clients who have higher demands for legal reviews.” In this way, law firm partners offer their clients added value out of conviction when they introduce them to GetMyInvoices.

banking-modul GetMyInvoices

Development cannot be waited out

Despite the increasing understanding of many tax consultants and auditors of the necessity of digitization, their partners still have to do some educational work. But the divacon boss is confident. “We regularly offer events in cooperation with DATEV, from which participants can take away a lot.” In this way, they succeed in convincing even tax advisors who believe they can still continue to run their firms largely analogously for the few years until retirement. Because: “You can’t sit out the development. A firm’s level of digitization, its systems and its clients also affect its valuation.” This is of crucial importance if a succession solution or sale is being sought. Hardly any prospective buyer wants a law firm that they would first have to digitize from scratch. The situation is similar with the professionals who are highly sought after in this field. They want to work in companies that offer them flexible and modern working opportunities. And digitization opens up these opportunities for them. That is why the degree of digitization ultimately determines future viability.

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