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Blog post from 18.02.2020

anybill and GetMyInvoices enable complete digital document transfer

Lübeck. With fino's participation in anybill, additional options are available for users of the GetMyInvoices invoice management solution. anybill is an app that digitally transfers receipts or invoices to the customer's smartphone. From there, the receipts can be exported directly to GetMyInvoices via an interface. This saves GetMyInvoices users the trouble of photographing paper receipts and they benefit from a seamless document transfer.

GetMyInvoices supports companies in managing invoices by automatically downloading them from more than 5,000 portals, retrieving them from email inboxes and then making them available centrally in a secure cloud environment. With the connection to anybill, it is now also possible to transfer receipts and invoices that arise when shopping, in restaurants or when refueling directly to GetMyInvoices. With anybill, retailers, restaurant owners and other companies can comply with the obligation to issue receipts that has been in force since the beginning of 2020 by digitally transferring invoices to their customers' smartphones. Printing on environmentally harmful thermal paper and unnecessary mountains of waste are thus avoided.

Using anybill is easy. The customer downloads the free app in the AppStore or at Google Play A QR code is displayed in the anybill app. This is scanned at the checkout and the receipts are digitally transferred to the customer.

anybill in conjunction with GetMyInvoices
anybill has a connection to fino's invoice management solution GetMyInvoices. This has the advantage that companies can export catering, fuel and other business-relevant receipts directly from anybill to GetMyInvoices. GetMyInvoices, in turn, contains interfaces to numerous accounting programs and document management systems, meaning that invoices received with anybill can be forwarded directly to these solutions. The OCR integrated in GetMyInvoices reads out all relevant data, eliminating the need for manual typing.

Björn Kahle, COO of fino, explains: “With anybill, GetMyInvoices users can forward digitally received receipts and invoices from their smartphone to our solution without any media disruption. In this way, we are closing a gap for holistic digital invoice management.”

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