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One of the top HR topics in 2022 is talent management, and our employee Kristina Jung is in charge of this area. The 26-year-old has been supporting us with her expertise since the beginning of this year. Right from the start of her job, she has contributed ideas that help everyone achieve their goals more effectively. She reveals her responsibilities, what distinguishes GetMyInvoices as an employer, and much more in the following interview.

Kristina Jung, Talentmanagerin bei GetMyInvoices

What exactly are you in charge of at GetMyInvoices, Kristina?
I handle recruiting active sourcing and onboarding. I also take care of staff development.

Does that mean you actively seek out applicants?
Exactly, I look for the right, perfect candidates to strengthen our team. Here, it is important to see that the people fit into our team, and then I sift through the incoming applications.

What did you do before?
Before I joined GetMyInvoices, I worked as a recruiter.

How did you get in touch with GetMyInvoices?
I was eager to get back into a team so I could be more strategic and operational. When I read the GetMyInvoices job posting for a recruiter, I applied directly to it and received an invitation the next day. During the interview, it became clear that GetMyInvoices was more concerned with talent management because there were a lot of changes coming up this year. That matched my profile very well.

What is the difference between a recruiter and a talent manager?
A recruiter is responsible for hiring new employees, but not for staff development. I also take care of existing employees and their progress. I see where each employee is at and try to develop them further. In this way, we can retain employees for the longer term and help them achieve their goals.

How can we imagine such a process? Is it about task enhancement or what makes you stand out as an employer?
We will start targeted personnel development in the second quarter of this year. That’s why we are currently ” catching up” with our colleagues and finding out their current status. We’re finding out about employee satisfaction, which direction an employee would like to develop, what their goals are and how we can support them, for example with further training opportunities.

Let’s go back to the application process. You said you were interviewed just one day after you submitted your application. What happened next? The interview was conducted by Christian Heimrich with me, our Director of Business Operations, and we both immediately determined that it was a match. Two days later I received an offer, and a week later I already had the employment contract.

What are your first impressions? You look very happy. Were your expectations perhaps not only met but exceeded?
That’s right. There’s a great existing team and it’s great to see how it’s continuously growing by bright minds. This enables the further development we are striving for. When I add to that how happy the new employees are, I can only be happy in this job as well. I hire great people and develop the employees I already have – in short, I’ve found my dream job.

Tell us about your typical day at work. Is there such a thing at all?
I don’t think I have a typical workday at all. One day I conduct eight interviews and the next day only four, but then I have five more interviews with employees. For me, it always depends on how many application documents come in and how many applicants I can actively reach.

What is your passion for supporting GetMyInvoices?
That’s a good question. I love working with people. But what I love even more is helping people and seeing their happy faces at the end simply because the employee is happy.

What do you like most about your job?
Working as part of a team. I love that we have an open feedback culture. We are proud of our team, the type of culture we have. Also, there’s a great togetherness, we laugh a lot – have fun.

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