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Even though digitization and automation are advancing, invoice processing has not yet been able to fully exploit its advantages. This particularly applies to invoice approval. The associated verification processes are often manual – a procedure that costs a lot of time and ties up resources unnecessarily. Our new workflows enable you to automate your approval processes and thus authorize invoices more quickly.

A formal and factual audit of invoices takes time and transparency

Businesses must check invoices both formally and factually. In a formal invoice audit, the four-eyes principle verifies that the mandatory information required under the German Value Added Tax Act has been provided. In contrast, the factual invoice audit is intended to ensure that the products supplied or services rendered have been invoiced correctly. This process often delays approval in practice, because it usually involves several people who forward the invoices to each other manually. But the disadvantages of manual invoice verification are not only the loss of time and the associated subsequent transfer to the payment run (omission of discount opportunities). Transparency is also lost, as it is almost impossible to track which invoice is currently where.

Digital invoice verification with workflows speeds up processes

The workflow management system integrated into GetMyInvoices maps the invoice approval process and the payment runs completely digitally. For this purpose, it contains different user roles and is divided into three areas:

  • Document approvals: Here you can choose from predefined approval processes or generate individual workflows via the expert mode.
  • Payment runs: In this area you define your personal payment runs, which you can apply to your release processes.
  • Lists: Here you have the possibility to link your open items with the documents collected in GetMyInvoices.

Creating an approval process is not rocket science, but is done in seven clear steps. Plus, you have the option to edit existing workflows at any time.

Create approval process


Wer bei der Einrichtung Unterstützung benötigt, kann bei unseren Spezialisten einen Support-Termin buchen.

Those who need assistance with the setup can book a support appointment with our specialists.

In your dashboard, you can see at any time how many documents you still need to edit or release. This information is also stored in the “Document releases” area. There you can apply various filters to the documents and view them sorted by category. Also handy: If questions arise about an invoice during the review, they can be asked directly in the workflow or documents can be returned to the previous instance.

Say “bye-bye” to your signature folder and welcome to digital invoice approval! This frees your employees from time-consuming manual tasks and allows you to take advantage of discount opportunities. Moreover, your preparatory accounting will always be complete and accurate.

If you want to learn more about the various possibilities of our digital approval processes, then we recommend that you attend one of our free workflow webinars. These take place on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 10:30 and on Thursdays from 14:00 to 14:30.

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