GetMyInvoices – Update for April 2021

Wednesday, 28. April 2021 | 0 Comments

The month of April is known to be very volatile and capricious. We have countered this with a good dose of consistency with our improved services. In addition to our service upgrade, our banking module now has a new function and the GetMyInvoices user interface is now even clearer.


The change mentioned above is visible in the dashboard in the “Companies & Portals” section. Multiple logins to a portal are no longer grouped but displayed separately. This eliminates confusion as to whether packages are logins or portals when they are selected.

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The following adjustments are also new to this section:

  • Users can immediately see how many documents from a company or a portal are available in GetMyInvoices and when documents were last imported.
  • If you wish, you have the option of immediately starting the download of new documents via a button for all active portals.
  • Whereas users were previously able to sort companies and portals by name in ascending and descending alphabetical order, they can now also be arranged by import date, type, and status. This allows users to locate and reactivate inactive portals without a lengthy search.
  • A “retry-all” function allows document downloads to be started from all connected portals.

Banking-module supports OFX

Those who have not yet linked their bank account via API login usually uploaded the transactions manually via CSV or Excel file once a month. A new feature is that we now also support the OFX format in addition to these formats. This is a standard file format for the exchange of financial data that is used frequently, especially in Austria.

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Updates from the USA

We have defined the procedure for the second quarter for our company founded in Wilmington, USA, in January. This is based on the findings from the past three months, in which we started lead generation via marketing activities and the establishment of our own US support team. Good progress was made in generating leads, but the conversion rate was lower than in the EU markets. We now want to work on improving this in a targeted manner. We are involving additional team members in our activities and preparing to scale marketing activities in the third quarter.

New portals

Needless to say, we have also integrated new portals into GetMyInvoices in April. These include:

  • Hero Software
  • Flowsana
  • Oracle Cloud
  • OnOff
  • BikeExchange
  • PrintOGraph
  • Open Telekom Cloud
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