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Blog post from December 16, 2021

Become self-employed in 2022 with the right idea


Who become self-employed wants, needs a good business idea. But how do you find them? Many people face exactly this challenge in the first step. But no worry. You don't have to wait for an inner inspiration to develop a business idea. You can also approach the entire discovery process in a structured manner. This is, among other things, about yours Skills, talents and preferences. In this article we will introduce you to different ways to find and develop business ideas. It's also about what to do next once you've found your business idea.

Table of contents:

  1. From brainstorming to franchising and buying ideas
  2. Become a trendsetter!
  3. Become self-employed with your skills and knowledge
  4. Do you have an entrepreneurial personality?
  5. Develop and expand business ideas
  6. Protect your business idea
  7. Put the idea out there


From brainstorming to franchising and buying ideas

It's a great achievement if you know what you want to do to become self-employed. The self-employed person doesn’t always have to reinvent the wheel. There are also people who make money by igniting Selling business ideas to others. Such offers are not always serious, but some people are actually brimming with good ideas for starting their own business.

This is another very lucrative opportunity to become self-employed Franchising. In the business model of Franchising you don't have to worry. Depending on the industry and franchisor, you will receive a complete business model that has already proven itself on the market. With some franchise providers, you will sometimes be completely equipped with materials, documents and equipment. If you want to become self-employed as a franchisee, then you definitely need Starting capital from 10,000 euros and more. 

Do you really want to start a company and develop ideas yourself? If in doubt, use idea generation methods such as: brainstorming. You first write potential approaches spontaneously and without prior filtering on a piece of paper. Later you will go into more detail and compare your ideas with existing skills and possibilities. In this way you can get very close to viable business ideas.

Become a trendsetter!

Some successful founders naturally have an excellent feel for new things and trends. Even without this natural instinct, you can work your way towards trends. You will be more successful in developing a business idea if you are particularly knowledgeable in an area.

become self-employed

Let's assume you spend a lot of time with flowers and plants. Then you come up with the idea of adding a special service to the existing flower delivery services. They do not deliver cut flowers, but rather green plants to homes or offices.

You can become self-employed with a consulting service for furnishing living spaces and offices with health-promoting plants. When it comes to flowers and houseplants, focus on which ones release a lot of oxygen and create a feel-good atmosphere. These are just a few examples of how you can turn a hobby or passion into a business idea.

Become self-employed with your skills and knowledge

As the flower example in the previous paragraph shows, many interesting business ideas arise in areas in which you are well versed or have specific knowledge. With this knowledge, you will develop a good feeling for which ideas have the potential to become self-employed. Have you acquired particular expertise in an area that is in high demand? Then you can become self-employed in this area.

Don't be discouraged if you don't think you're particularly competent or experienced in any area. You can still develop a fantastic business idea and become self-employed in an area that you have never had anything to do with before. Be sure to remain open to problems that other people have. In many cases, business ideas provide a solution to a problem that another person desperately wants a solution to. Such business ideas have high potential for success.

Do you have an entrepreneurial personality?

Before you set out on your own and specifically look for ideas, pause for a moment. Think about whether you could be a good entrepreneur yourself. Ask yourself what it means to work independently. Entrepreneurs need, among other things, patience, persistence, optimism and resilience to crises. You must remain able to act and find solutions even under pressure.

These characteristics are not given to everyone, but they can be learned. You also need to be decisive. Furthermore, you should not take every criticism to heart. It won't hurt you as an entrepreneur if you're good with numbers and have organizational skills.

Develop and expand business ideas

It's not enough that you know roughly what you want to do to become self-employed. A Business plan can be very helpful. You don't just need this if you need financial resources from lenders. It also serves as a guiding thread for you to check the viability of your business idea and revise it in a structured manner if necessary.

Overall, in this phase of your idea generation, it is important that a third party perhaps takes a look at your business idea. Not everything you initially think of is suitable for starting a business. Ideas sometimes have to be rejected at an early stage. An objective third party who enjoys your trust is better suited to assess your business ideas for competitiveness and feasibility.

Protect your business idea

You certainly don't want to develop a business idea and then be copied by others before it's implemented. Make sure you have sufficient legal protection in good time if you know that you are starting your own business with a specific approach. Among other things, ideas pass through Protect patents, trademarks or copyrights.

Do not neglect this point in idea development. Some trends and business proposals are simply tangible in the air. Always assume that other people may already be thinking in a similar direction and starting their own business. Create legally secure conditions as early as possible so that you can develop and realize your business idea in peace.

Put the idea out there

Only when you have ensured sufficient protection for your business idea can you publicly present yourself to potential donors, customers, partners and employees. Third parties should feel that you are convinced of your own business idea. First and foremost, you have to believe in the implementation and present yourself with the appropriate confidence.

Nobody can take away your conviction. You may also need to be patient. Some business ideas take a while to take off. Also successful developments like this Energy drink Red Bull took a few years to be successful.

If you have now found an idea with which you want to become self-employed, then you should not neglect the topic of taxes and income tax returns. Read here, where the most common mistakes occur when preparing self-employed tax returns. 


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider if you want to become self-employed. In order for you to be guaranteed success when you start your own business, you need to look for a big problem that many people need a solution to. If you can provide the solution to one (or more) problems, nothing stands in the way of your success as a self-employed person.

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