GetMyInvoices Update for September 2018

Tuesday, 18. September 2018 | 0 Comments

We have been working on a variety of big innovations for GetMyInvoices, and we are in the middle of fine-tuning them, to be able to present them this autumn. We don’t want to give away too much in the run-up, but here is a little taste of the new features.



Bank Account Statements and Outgoing Invoices

Shortly we will launch our download service for bank account statements and credit card statements, too. Since this service requires a PSD2 licence, we cooperate with our service provider fino run GmbH, who is being monitored by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). To start with, we already connected 1,500 bank portals; including invoicing portals, our count of online portals for automatized document download reaches over 4,500 by now.

Furthermore, we have set up more than ten new synchronisation links, to be able to also collect outgoing invoices. Amongst those are tools like the merchandise management system Billbee, the management software Cobot, the combined CRM, project management and invoicing software Teamleader, as well as the ERP and CRM system Xentral. The application’s subdivision by document types is a prerequisite. The changes are almost finalized and will by and by go live over the next few days; so you, as our client, will notice some changes to the interface.

Cooperation with Teamleader and edooli

The connection of GetMyInvoices with the CRM, project management and invoicing software Teamleader enables Teamleader users to automatically transfer outgoing invoices, created in the invoicing solution, to GetMyInvoices. There, you can easily manage invoices and automatically transfer them to further systems, like your online accounts department or your tax consultant. This way, you profit from the decisive advantages offered by automatized bookkeeping. “You gain a lot of time, can raise your cashflow and invest more resources into your core business”, rejoices Niels Vanden Buverie, Marketplace Expansion Manager with Teamleader CRM.

GetMyInvoices also boasts a connection to the invoicing program edooli. Here, bills like supplier invoices from GetMyInvoices are automatically captured as expenses by edooli – including amounts and document PDF.


After months and months of preparation, we are making our new Optical Character Recognition solution (OCR) available to all customers. The new OCR is significantly faster and more reliable – both concerning the automatic retrieval of invoice details and the manual correction on the GetMyInvoices interface via mouse.

The Special Feature: The OCR independently improves itself via Machine Learning. If a customer has to correct invoicing data due to an incorrect retrieval, this information flows back into the OCR, so the system learns to read new formats.

Automatic Processing of Invoice Line Items

We are now starting to process individual invoice items in our system and to transfer them to the connected accounting systems. This way, we can further reduce the effort in the actual booking process in your accounts department.

Invoices in accordance with the ZUGFeRD format are already being read fully automatized. As well as that, users can comfortably retrieve and read invoice items using the mouse. To this end, our new OCR will be trained in the coming months, so that in this area, too, a complete and reliable automatization will be possible long-term.

New Portals

The list of portals GetMyInvoices downloads bills from has grown again. The new platforms include:

  • GoToWebinar
  • Mailbutler
  • MyDHL DHL Express
  • TollCollect

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