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Blog post from 01.04.2020

GetMyInvoices takes individual invoice management to a new level

Lübeck. Users of the GetMyInvoices invoice management solution can now automatically download documents from 10,000 different portals. After the customer has individually selected the portals that are relevant to him, he only has to enter the access data once and GetMyInvoices automatically stores the documents in the central document management system. This is a cloud-based service that makes it easy to organize the documents and also automatically forward them to almost any solution. All in all, GetMyInvoices offers its customers a new level in individual invoice management. Interested parties can find more information on the recently relaunched website a comprehensive overview of the diverse functions.

The range of functions is the result of the user orientation of fino, provider of the invoice management solution GetMyInvoices. Because: "From the very beginning, users can suggest to our developers which integration options they should implement so that our software can automatically collect exactly the invoices, notices and other documents that they need," says Björn Kahle, COO of fino. The range of portals now extends from online mail order companies and advertising platforms, software and telecommunications providers to electricity suppliers. The most frequently used are Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, Google Ads, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. The newest customer portals include Duden-Mentor, Open Drive and Smartmockups. On average, the more than 5,000 customers have connected 25 suppliers each.

Machine recognition of information

GetMyInvoices doesn't just download the documents from the portals. On most portals, every user can also define how often the software should check for new documents and whether the entire history or the documents from a specific date should be downloaded. The software recognizes relevant information such as invoice number, invoice date and invoice amounts and makes these available electronically together with the documents for further processing.

Users can conveniently manage all documents in their web browser. For example, they have the option of linking email accounts, cloud storage, invoice creation tools and other solutions to the software so that invoices received there are automatically imported into GetMyInvoices. The most commonly used import interfaces include Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive Business, OneDrive and easybill. In addition, receipts and other documents can be scanned in just a few steps using the app and also added. In this way, each customer adds an average of around 100 documents to GetMyInvoices per month, with the total number of documents in the account being an average of 977.

Slim despite increasing functions

The individual documents can be archived automatically or after approval and/or transferred to other systems. These include accounting solutions and document management systems. It is also possible to send the desired documents directly to the tax advisor via interfaces to DATEV Unternehmen Online, ADDISON OneClick and Stotax Select. In practice, it turns out that the export interfaces to email accounts, DATEV, lexoffice, sevDesk and Google Drive are the most popular. However, the user can select exactly the solutions they need for their process. This means that GetMyInvoices remains clear and streamlined despite the constantly increasing range of functions. "Everyone can work with their own individual GetMyInvoices and save a lot of effort and time in invoice management and preparatory accounting," says Björn Kahle.

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