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Blog post from 15.04.2019

Neopost and GetMyInvoices promote digital document exchange

Lübeck/Munich. Large, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) can now exchange digital documents even more advantageously with the help of Neopost and GetMyInvoices. The invoice management solution has been integrated into TRAFFIQX, a business network for electronic document and data exchange. This means that GetMyInvoices users can automatically receive and process invoices, delivery notes, etc. sent via TRAFFIQX.

"With this cooperation, we want to further promote the digitization of receipts in both large and small companies," says Yuri Buholzer, Director of Digital Business Germany/Austria at TRAFFIQX provider Neopost, and explains: "Especially in SMEs, documents transmitted via TRAFFIQX have often been printed out, which is not the point. We were therefore looking for a partner who allows the electronic receipt of receipts, but also offers customers other benefits." During the research, Neopost came across GetMyInvoices. The aim of the invoice management solution is to optimize invoice management with digital options. "Our market intentions match each other," says Yuri Buholzer.

Neopost and GetMyInvoices decided to cooperate and created the integration in TRAFFIQX in the Neopost design. This means that the first documents, including relevant data from the business network, can now be automatically transferred to the invoice management solution. "The sending companies benefit from lower costs for printing and postage. They also improve their business processes because receipts are no longer lost," explains Yuri Buholzer, adding: "SMEs can automatically receive our customers' receipts and also documents from numerous other sources." "These include thousands of online portals and email inboxes from which GetMyInvoices imports invoices," adds Björn Kahle, Managing Director of fino data services GmbH, provider of GetMyInvoices. In addition, users can upload receipts using an upload function or scan app and thus securely record them directly at the place where they are created.

All documents are stored in the central document management system and can be automatically forwarded from there - for example to accounting software, a document management system or to a tax advisor. This means that all documents reach their destination in the shortest possible time and without any effort.

After a successful test, further expansion of the cooperation is planned. Yuri Buholzer says: "Then, for example, receipts from GetMyInvoices could also be exported to TRAFFIQX."

About Neopost:

For over 90 years, Neopost has helped people and companies to reach each other. Neopost is a global leader in mail processing solutions and a major player in digital communication and transport services. The belief that people are the key to business success is paramount. That is why products and services are tailored to help companies improve the quality of interactions and bring people closer together. Neopost combines classic mail processing with innovative new business areas such as e-invoicing, hybrid mail and many other e-services and is constantly oriented towards the needs of its customers. More information:

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