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Blog post from February 2nd, 2022

Digitalization – a time waster?


Although digitalization offers great potential for optimization, working with paper is still the order of the day in many medium-sized companies. According to the digital association Bitkom, the main hurdles to digitization are the high investment requirements and a general lack of time.

But the human factor also plays an important role. Because if employees are not convinced of the advantages of digitalization, the implementation of any innovation will be inhibited. It is therefore important that companies take their employees with them in the digital transformation right from the start and proceed in small steps. The entire administration does not have to be changed overnight; a lot can be achieved even with small steps. A good starting point for digitalization is invoice management.

Digitalization is a time waster

Invoice management as an introduction to digital transformation

Invoices, receipts and other documents arrive not only by post, but also via various email inboxes or have to be laboriously retrieved from customer portals. For example, the processing time for invoices is often too long to take advantage of discount options. GetMyInvoices provides a solution here by automatically collecting receipts from various sources. Additionally, GetMyInvoices includes a mobile app that captures and easily uploads paper receipts. This means that all incoming booking-relevant documents are available centrally. Digital invoice verification and approval is also part of the range of functions and replaces the pendulum folder.

Digitalization measures reduce accounting effort to a minimum

The integrated banking module connects accounts and credit cards with the invoice management solution to import transactions. It then automatically assigns transactions to the associated documents, freeing users from this time-consuming manual task. The invoices are then automatically transferred to the accounting software, to the tax advisor or to other applications. This not only saves users work on preparatory accounting, but also significantly shortens the processing time for invoices.

Digitalization is not an end in itself, but rather a pragmatic way to streamline processes and free employees from routine tasks. This particularly applies to accounting. With the help of intelligent invoice management solutions, companies can save around ten hours of time, twelve kilograms of paper and a lot of nerves every month.

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